Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Real Life Ghost Town!

Ever hear of a place called Centralia, Pa? I heard it on Preston & Steve, a local radio show out of Philly, Pa.

Apparently there is this one tiny town that has had a coal mine fire going on under ground for the past 40 years. There used to be about 2200 people living in the town, there are now only 11. It's practically a ghost town. There are a bunch of roads messed up and houses and trees knocked down. This is due to the coal burning. As it keeps burning, it leaves ash where it once was a solid rock of coal. All the smoke rising through the ground can't be helping either. The site link above has a bunch of cool pictures of the town. They did a story on the town on ABC. Apparently you can see one mountain glow red with fire at night. Anyone ever been or heard of the town?

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