Thursday, January 19, 2006

Free 411!? The Hell You Say!

I always cringe when I hear that people still use 411 at home, and damn near faint when I hear that they do it on their cell phones. So I just thought I would help spread the word on something that has actually been around for a while. It's called Free 411, and it replaces the usual 411 that you are used to dialing and getting charged out the ass in fees just to make a phone call, not to mention the additional fee for connecting you to the number that you need directory assistance on because you don't have a pen and paper to write the number down on and your memory sucks. So instead of dialing 411, just use 1-800-FREE411, or use Google if you are at home. Just program that number into your cell with 411 as the title but with the 800 number as the phone number for it. And there ya go! Now you are able to screw every phone company out of $6 Billion a year! If you get the entire world to use free 411 that is.

I haven't tried this out for myself yet, but I hear that all you have to do is sit through a short ad or commercial before you get to use the directory service. A small price to pay instead of actually paying a small price of $1.40 or so.

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