Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What digg.com Needs

Over the past few days I was hunting down digg clones to see what other people have to offer in terms of social news networks. After searching for only a few minutes I found quite a few, and noticed that some of them had a very nice edit feature. The one that stuck out the most was BlinkList.com.

After you submit a story on BlinkList.com, say you have entered the incorrect URL to your story. Something that has happened to me on digg quite a few times. But if you do this on BlinkList.com all you have to do is edit your post! A new window pops up and you can edit any part of your post. It's actually very nicely designed, too. You can change the blurb about the post, or the title, or even the URL that the story will be linking to.

So where is digg's edit feature? All I have seen from digg so far are a couple new things that let you see stories that are either brand new, way too old, or ones that have been buried or reported. One other thing about digg that I find weird is the link to the digg spy on the front page. How long is it going to be "new" for? Hasn't it been new since day one? But anyway, I think that the digg boys need to throw in an edit feature. We need to be able to edit our links, stories, and comments. It would cut down on dupes, for me at least. I submitted a story once, a bit too quickly, and realized that it didn't go to the source of the story. So I commented on the incorrect one saying that it was a bad link, reported it as a bad link and then submitted a new story with the correct link. My bad if you’re not supposed to do that, but I did. And if there was an edit feature it would never had happened.

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Anonymous said...

Newsgarbage has the ability to edit stories too. The site's only in beta, but new functionality is being added every day and I hear a forum is going to be added soon - it would be nice to have a general babbling ground for the users of the site.