Thursday, February 16, 2006

MySpace users to get their own cell phones

For those of you that just can't get enough myspace... "The social networking site MySpace, hugely successful among teenagers and twenty-somethings, is about to become more ubiquitous with the launch of a cellular service that will let users read and post to the site for free."

The MSNBC Article | The Digg Story


The first two phones have been planed. They are called "the Hero" and "the Kickflip", where the Hero, the black one, is a slide-type phone, and the Kickflip, process of elimination tell us that it’s the white one, has a "side-kick" style bi-directional swivel to open up in either direction (left or right). Both phones sport a 2 MP camera, 70 MB of internal memory with optional expandable microSD memory slots, and speaker phones. And the main service that this article is covering is called MySpace Mobile, which will debut when Helio plans the launch of the phones later this year during the spring season.

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