Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Need A Place To Vent?

Someone or something pissing you off? Well there is a place for you now! No, not your blog or some forum! Snubster! Snubster is a place where you can go and literally make a list of things, people, places or animals that are good to you, bad to you, or are now, or soon will be, dead to you if they keep on pissing you off.

The idea behind snubster stemmed from the creator's boss. The boss, Doug, placed a dry-erase board on the wall of the company’s lab that the employees could put down the name of a person and the beef they have with that person. After the creator of snubster, Bryant Choung, came across his very own name on the list, he promptly erased it, thus bringing to light the flaw in the boss's plan to boost morale or productivity or something. So, in order to make a better system of lists, Bryant moved the list off of the dry-erase board to the internet, and has dedicated his site to Doug.

So are you are having trouble telling your boss, friends or loved one(s) about some ass that is pissing you off beyond belief? Have you have told your boss, friends and/or loved one(s) about sed ass and they answer "Meh." and just brush it off and not realize how the entire situation between you and this ass is, in fact, a very serious matter in your mind (something that seems to happen a bit much between me and my wife)? Or do you just want to vent about your sucky booking agent, crappy lawyer, or people that show up late for work and can't go to lunch with you to Burger King to grab a King Kong Triple Whopper and a KFC half gallon mega jug of soda? Well then snubster is the right site for you! The site also features a feed at the top of the page randomly lists the site's subscriber's beef with other people, letting the entire world know that "Yuri Koester is On Notice because not drinking with me in dc", by Anton Johnson or "Wal-Mart Electronics is Dead To Me because Because stuff from there stops working affter 6 months", by Ted Sbardella.

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