Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Firefox Hack: Multiple Profiles Open At Once

I just recently decided to start tinkering with/creating some firefox add-ons. After reading the very first paragraph of many "Getting Started" sites on the subject, it was suggested to have a secondary profile to use for the development/testing of Firefox add-ons. They also mentioned how to have multiple profiles open at the same time so you don't destroy your default profile. However, with Firefox 2.0 out and some extreamly vague instruction, it was a bit difficult to get 2 profiles (my default and a dev profile) up and running.

So, just to make thing easier for all your people out there, I decided to let you know how I got 2 different profiles of Firefox 2.0 up and running. Its actually quite simple. First off, open Text Pad or note pad or any of your favorite text editors and type in the following:

@echo off
start "" "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -p "dev"

Change dev to whatever your profile's name is. Do a "save as" and save it as a *.bat file on your desktop. And thats it, your done. Feel free to make another one with your default profile name in it and put both in your start up folder and you'll be rockin like a Firefox pro! With this set up, you will be able to open other firefox shortcuts or internet links in the profile that was open last. There are other ways to get 2 profiles open at the same time, but those ways would want any external programs accessing firefox to open firefox in a new profile. Feel free to try out other versions or fill me in on a better way, but I am currently using the above way and have 2 different profiles of Firefox 2.0 up and running.

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