Friday, December 15, 2006

Undo TV Private Beta Is Now Open

TechTV alumni Chris Pirillo (member #1) and Leo Laport (member #2) have opened up a private beta version of their "tech-centric" UndoTV where users of any sort are free to submit audio, video, text or slide shows about their favorite tech topics. Below are some shot as well as the welcome note from Chris and Leo. Enjoy some screen shots as well as the welcome note from Chris and Leo.

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Hey there!

Today, the idea of a tech-centric TV network has disappeared from the minds of Hollywood's elite. Par for the course! Passionate communities are often kept an arm's length away from their favorite broadcasted content in traditional media circles.

It's time to undo that way of thinking, don't you think?

TechTV alumni just wanted a place where we could all come together and funnel our independent efforts. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" keeps ringing through my head - not just our existing content, but NEW stuff (and NEW faces) as well. Leo Laporte and I have done our best to set the stage for UndoTV.

The blogger Steve Borsch commented in a previous thread: "So, who decides what gets 'on' UndoTV? Who the talent is? What emerges?" The UndoTV talent base is starting with the former ZDTV / TechTV staff, previous show guests, and vetted friends. Without a base of quality content, we'd be nothing more than a video portal clone.

Everybody is welcome here.

The community (you) will determine the direction of our efforts. Certainly, some former TechTV talent has gone on to do fantastic productions far outside the realm of the tech industry. Everybody is welcome to help us undo the idea of television - helping reinvent the way community can influence the active development of a site, its content, and its superstars.

You are tomorrow's network. You control the horizontal - and the vertical, too. As such, we only want to see your own creations here. If you want to upload someone else's content, please do so elsewhere? It's the community's job to keep this community clean, cool, and collected. We hope you take that responsibility to heart.

Expect, in short time, new features and functionality, new ways to interact, and new ways to find a passionate audience for your own talents.

Yours Digitally,

Leo LaporteChris Pirillo
Leo LaporteChris Pirillo

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