Friday, December 22, 2006

Video Howto Site

I just found this great Howto site that does it all with videos. The site is Video Jug. They have videos that are done by the Jug staff or submitted by and/or filmed by a user of the site. I have just spent a bit of time there and already want to post about 10 videos on this blog. But, through the art of constraint and kindness of my hart, I will just be posting one and letting you know about a few others.

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After scanning through the recent posts to Video Jug, I couldn't help but to post this following video for the upcoming Christmas holiday. It could sometimes be the most difficult thing to do or the most simplest. How to thank someone for a present.

VideoJug: How to thank someone for a present

Other favorites of mine include the following:
How to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary of seduction
How to throw a card through a window
And the always useful, how to tie a tie

All of the videos have tags. So, for example, if you want to see some more howto's for tying different knots in a tie, just click on the tag tie and you will be brought to a page that has other knots for you to test out for that next fancy-shmancy gala you are attending. Also, some of the videos are a bit NSFW and you will need to register an account with an acceptable date of birth in order for you to view it. The sanctuary of seduction video is an example of this. I needed to create an account in order to view it. It wasn't hard though, you don't even get an activation email.

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Nate said...

You might glance at for a similar concept. Dohowto is a how-to video search engine, so they effectively let you search for a video via video jug as well as 1000 other sites on the web. Software is their specialty -

Thought it'd be of interest.