Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Digg Review

Digg is new now, version 3.0, and has been for a while now. I feel it is time for a review in order to point out a few things that need some changes, other than the pretty new 2.0'ish interface.

First off, you can now customize the "Front Page" stories to conform to what you want to see. Don't like a Front Page full of nothing but Wii stories? Then get rid of them! Click on the customize button, located under your "Profile" image, and uncheck the Main Gaming category. Like to read about "Time Wasters" web based games though? Then just uncheck the "Gaming News" sub-category under the Gaming catagory.

I have fallen in love with this new feature because I only have and play PC games. And ever since the ps3 and Wii came out, there have been nothing but stories about them and hacking them. It gets a bit monotonous after a while.

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The top "doggs" over at digg also separated video stories from news stories. If you go into your profile, or anyone's profile, to view stories dugg, submitted or commented on, you now need to hit the "Videos" tab on the top right of the window in order to check out the funny videos that are being passed around.

This is somewhat useful if you are on the lookout for videos or news, but I do not feel that it is completely necessary. But it does save me a search where i have to check videos, so it is a useful addition.

And then there is the beta feature of Podcasts. This is just in beta so I can go on for quite a while about what needs to be adjusted and fixed. I'll save you from reading that, and just encourage that you go and check out some podcasts through it. One thing that I will comment on is that it seems that the whole podcast system is a bit Digg/TechTV/Tech biased. Taking a look at the podcast's main page now: diggnation, twit, dl.tv, tiki bar, ctrl+alt+chicken... All hosted by and starring digg peeps and/or past techTV hosts, or endorsed by digg. But, this is still in baby beta mode, so i'll leave it alone for now.

One feature that I really thing should have been changed with the new update to digg is the rss feed. The way the front page works is that the popular stories make it to the front page. And if you have an rss feed aggregator like I do, Google Reader, then you would like to subscribe to the content that make it to the front page. You don't want to be left out alone in the dark do you? No, so you subscribe to the front page. But now you can customize the content that makes it to "your" front page. Are you able to subscribe to "your" front page? Yes, you can. But, you will be subscribing to the old front page where you will see every single Wii/ps3/360 story. I don't know, maybe there is a way to get an rss feed to "your" front page, but its not with the rss button that is on the front page, thats for sure.

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