Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Unlocker: Download Of The Day

It never fails. When ever you are attempting to clean out some space on your hard drive, you always run into that one file buried in a sea of files that just doesn't want to be deleted. Sure you can reboot and then delete it. But who has time for that kind of time consuming thing these days?! Well, say good by to that file, the Unlocker way.

With Unlocker, you are able to find out what process is actually using the file that you are trying to dump into the 'ol recycling bin. Now the only hard thing to do is find out where the file is, if it is in a folder that has a ton of files that is. Unlocker is easy to use and completely free to download. And that price is just right for me.

[via TechNibble]

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