Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day of the Week

I was mulling about at work today and mentioned something about Dickens and got to looking up Charles Dickens and the fact that he died from a stroke. Just being curious, I was wondering what day of the week his death was on, June 9, 1870.

It was a Tuesday for those of you that were wondering. However, me not being super good with numbers and also extremely lazy when it comes to thinking, it took me a while to find a website that could tell me the day of the week it was when supplied with a date. Most of the ones I found right away only worked with the 1900's.

The one I finally did find that works with any date is a great one. I found out that my two daughters and I were all born on a Wednesday. Is that crazy or what?! Anywho, the coincidences stopped there, but the site is a great site; with morse code translators and fantastic unit conversions.

Feel free to check it out and give a shout out in the comments below to let everyone know what day of the seek you were born on.

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