Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monoface: Time Waster and Freaky Screen Saver

This time waster is a twofer: you get to waste time and get a great screen saver that will be sure to freak out your cube mate as well as any passer-bys.

The people down at monoface took pictures of 15 people and made different parts of their face interchangeable; eyes, nose, mouth, head/shoulders. You can go over to their site and mix them all around and see what crazy faces you can come up with. You can also download the monoface screen saver. With the screen saver version, it will do the mixing up for you during screen saver mode.

I had fun on the site for a few minutes and am still having fun with the screen saver. Troy's tongue (pictured) is my favorite to put onto any of the faces. What's your favorite?

[via DownloadSquad] monoface

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