Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to Vectorize any Image

Tested.com did up a story on how to take any regular image and transform it into vector art. Here is a quote describing what that is and why you want it:

Most of the images you see lying around your computer are bitmapped. In other words, these are images of fixed size, made up of a specific number of pixels. Each pixel is assigned a color value, which is what gives your pictures and photographs such a great level of detail — to an extent. There's only so much you can zoom in on a bitmapped image before pixelation occurs. Vector images, however, are not fixed in size. They're simply geometric shapes, or math equations, that define how a given image should look, and thus, can be scaled to dimensions of infinite size. This is great for making wallpapers, because it means we can adapt our images to any resolution we wish, even for multi-monitor setups.

Full setup and instructions here.

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