Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun App: HeyTell

The Queen of all Ryans (aka my wife) got an iPhone from Santa this past Christmas (16Gb black 3GS ios v 4.1 jailbroken and unlocked on t-mobile family plan). She really doesn't use her iPhone as a fun social game playing device as much as i do. On a good day she really just text messages people, does some lite facebooking and gets violently angry at some birds.

So, with little hope of her getting interested in it, i decided to give her a little heads up on a new app i came across called HeyTell. I was also in need of a larger friend list in the app. I love the ease of use and the interface of the app. The Queen, however, flipped head over heals for this app! She LOVED that she could just send a message to someone QUICK! She pings me the most, too, so this app is perfect for her! Other pro's include, but are not limited to, listen to a message at your convenience; replay that message, either one that you received or sent, over and over; send invites via text message or email to other android/ios friends; play the message from 1 iphone into another iphone that has Talking Carl installed and post that recorded Carl post to facebook. That last one is just pure bonus tho. The day i got this app i got my buddy to get it and he fell in love with it as well because he was trying to play a game on his PC and i was annoyingly texting him, to just install this app on his iphone of course. Then he just had to talk his message and took a fraction of the time to do so.

Get it. Its free and works on ios and android devices as of this post. sure it doesn't work on blackberry, but the only people that own a blackberry are the people that work in big corporations and get it from verizon. So even they will be getting iPhones soon! Might as well just jump on the bandwagon early. :)

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