Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Launch Your iPhone's Camera in Record Time [jailbreak]

Ever have an awesome photo opportunity pop up and you miss out on it while fumbling to get your camera app open? Yeah, pretty sure everyone has. Here's how to fix it: QuickDo [$7.99 + 3-day trial]!

Now, i'm not going to get into every great function QuickDo has to offer. It does offer a lot; but, where it truly shines, is its app shortcut abilities. QuickDo is able to have app shortcuts ON THE LOCK SCREEN!! New-born baby doing something cute? Home button click, camera icon tap, and your phone is magically unlocked and the camera app is launched and you're now taking a pic! Take a look at the picture below to see the camera shortcut on the lock screen.

These are the shortcuts i have for my most used apps and the apps that, when i need to get to, can get to in a hurry: camera, sms, email, settings and foursquare. I usually switch foursquare out depending on what app i launch the most. And i like to get into settings a lot to turn off vibrate while in silent. It isn't limited to just five shortcuts, too. You can load up more, you just have to scroll to the right in order to access the ones after the first five. And if you set QuickDo up with a shortcut to the camera app, you will be able to take pictures faster than anyone else!

Here's a video of how to set up the other features, as well as the shortcuts.

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