Monday, January 17, 2011

New #1 IOS Game: Bubble Ball

Had to pull myself away from Bubble Ball [iTunes] long enough to post about it. Great stuff so far! This game is so great, in fact, that it managed to bump Angry Birds [iTunes] off its "perch" as the number 1 game in the app store. Oh, and it was also designed by a 14-year-old. Check out the trailer below then get it for yourself! This is a free AND universal app. Enjoy!

via Distructoid

*update* I guess I should have waited to keep playing it before I posted such a rave review. While it is fun, the objects were some what frustrating to get control of sometimes. Also, it is a SHORT game. Compared to Angry Birds, it only has one world and only 21 levels to it. So this is probably just a fad for right now with the internet boosting it popularity, but a nice break from Angry Birds.

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