Thursday, November 17, 2005

Comments Here Please


Mrinal said...

Hi Ryan - This is Mrinal from CrossLoop and got to your site through your comment on Lifehacker.

I thought I would introduce myself briefly to understand more in detail why you had a bad experience.

If I can be of any help, please let me know. I am happy to try it out again with you, walk you through or understand your particular scenario better. We strongly believe in listening and learning. My email is or cell is 415 595 8840

Finally, we intentionally remove the desktop background image to provide a faster service with less data being transferred each time.

Thanks and hope you have a great 2007

Ryan said...

Here is the link to the article that I commented on, in case anyone is interested: HERE
I'll be posting further details about the conversation here as well. I just need to get around to emailing mrinal. I'll try and get to that tonight.
So far, however, I do appreciate the comment from crossloop. I think it really says something about the company if they reply to a comment that I left on another website and make that comment on my blog.

Mrinal said...

Thanks Ryan and it is our pleasure. We know we dont know it all and we are not perfect.
We are hear to create delight in our users, build long term relationships and make them successful - that, we hope, will keep us around for a while :)
Looking forward to learning your use case better

Techknight said...

Hi Ryan...
Well Mrinal pointed me to your post in LifeHacker and your query about CrossLoop being in violation of GNU GPL. Had some discussion with them and figured out the details. If its of any help please visit:

for the entire transcripts.

Ryan said...

Thanks for pointing out that CrossLoop is open source Techknight. I actually did not know that, but I do see it as a plus to the program. I'll put an edit on the review about that.

Ryan said...

I posted a new story on a review of crossloop and it can be found here