Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Comming Soon!

One of the websites I visit daily is Google Video of the Day. Recently the site got a format change and I like it a lot. But I think that the person that is doing the site is spreading himself/herself a bit too thin. He/she has other websites that he (we'll stick with "he" for ease of typing) is constantly updating as well as adding entire websites. He also has issues with putting up certain Google videos that contain "poo-poo" content.

So I feel like doing my own thing and putting up certain Google videos or other videos that make me and my buddies at work laugh out asses off. Starting within the next week or so expect to see some Google videos as well as some pictures. Here is one pic of me that my wife simply despises:

I like it. That is actually the only pic of me in that coat. I think my father-in-law threw it away by accident. Something about cleaning out the basement when there was a bunch of black trash bags filled with clothes that he didn't bother to look in or ask about. Dam black trash bags! Ah well, that is what’s to come. So be sure to check out this site a lot more. I think one or two Google videos every day or so isn't too much.

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