Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm Back!

I finally fixed the problem that I was having with viewing certain blogs. It turns out that one or more of my true type fonts were hosed. I just deleted all of them and copied over the ones that I got from a buddy at work.

One major thing that happened while I was on hiatus was CES, or ICES as they like to call it now. That’s the International Consumer Electronics Show for you non-tech types out there. This show is where all the new electronic toys that everyone wants and no one can afford are shown. Everything from Nokia's newest headset to a queen-bed-sized plasma TV. By the way, that 102" plasma TV hasn't been priced yet. But LG's 80" plasma is priced at $45,000, so you can just imagine what you would have to do in order to afford that one.

One of the most talked about items from ICES was The Sony Reader. This is able to dock to your home/work PC and you download books or newspapers to it so you can read it on the go. So I have no idea why people are so psyched about this! It’s in black and white, and you can store as much as you can afford on it with the expandable SD or memory sticks, but its just a reader! I dunno, maybe it's because I don't really read much or at all. I read tech sites and product descriptions. Ah well, there was a ton more shown at CES. Yes, there was more than the Nokia headsets the TV and the reader, too much to talk about in one place. If you check out my sidebar links you will see one for my protopage homepage. Check that out for some tech sites that have covered a lot of CES between all of them. Oh yeah, happy new year to everyone too!

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