Friday, February 03, 2006

Send Text Messages The Easy Way

No need to waist your text messages allowed from your cell phone. And no need to kill your fingers trying to send out the message as fast as possible. With just the click of THIS LINK, you are half way to sending a text message to anyone you know no matter what provider he/she has.

This free service is provided by Teleflip. You send the text message to a friend using Microsoft's Outlook. You don't need to know things like what provider they are using, or what email address format to use for each provider. Nope, just throw in the cell phone number, type your message, spell check if you want to, and send. And you can even receive the reply message back!

But if you are afraid to send the message through a third party, you can also visit Slip Stick System's. Here you will find all the new and up-to-date email address formats for most, if not all, cell phone providers, as well as "other mobile notification tools". Use Cingular? Use for the email address. How about T-mobile? You just throw the number infront of in the "To" bar in outlook. These formats plus many more are avalable, as well as "other mobile notification tools", at Slip Stick System. Just another way to easily send a text message through Outlook.

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