Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Digg Version 3 Is Now Live And Doing Great

I figure that since every other blogger out there has a similar post, it was about time for me to get one as well. Digg.com just rolled out their newest version of the site. It has a pretty new GUI (graphical user interface) and a butt load of more categories for you to submit stories on.

The newest categories are in a beta status right now, so only registered digg.com members can post to them as well as view them. However, if you are an unregistered user, you can only view the Technology section of the site. The digg blog states that when all of the bugs are worked out over the next week or so the beta status will be lifted. So if you are attempting to view the newest material on the site that is outside of the tech area, just register or log in.

These new sections of digg.com include world/business news, videos and entertainment. And those are not including the new sub categories! There are a lot more sections to conform to what you want to post on digg now, so we should see a lot less more of those "This is not tech news! What the F are you posting this for?!" comments. Along with the new categories comes new content. I don't know about you, but I use the NewsFox extension for firefox for all of my tech news sites, and my digg.com feed has been blowing up lately. Normally I have 15 or so new posts to read when I come to work in the morning. These days I have 40+ topics to catch up on.

And with the new material digg is churning out, you can bet that it will be giving all of the other news/tech news sites out their a run for their money. Not just slashdot.org will be chocking on digg's dust as digg continues to change, but others as well.

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