Monday, June 26, 2006

Ether Is Coming To Town

A very long time ago, I tried getting into ether beta. I did not manage to get into their beta, however, but they are now taking the next step by going into "zeta" mode. I am now a member of ether and will be giving it a go.

Ether is a site that anyone can sign up for. You can be one of two people in ether. One is the type of person that offers their services to the public. This person can make his/her own hours as well as rate of pay. The other person is the one that is purchasing these services.

The services are limited only to your imagination. However, if you are a little to "out there" you might not be getting paid much. I have become a member of the ether world to offer my services as "Tech Guru" to help people out with some computer troubles that they might be having. I am able to connect remotely to a pc, which works best with broad band connections on both ends, to help with anything from installing some software to setting up a bit torrent client on your pc. You also get an ether "business card" in html format for any website you might have. Mine is on the 'ol side bar.

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