Monday, June 26, 2006

Finaly A Reason To Ditch That "Baby On Board" Sign

There is a new sign coming to town that will soon replace your cleaver "baby on board" sign that keeps you immune to that crazy driver coming along and slamming you in the rear end for no reason. Now you can sort of talk to him!

With the hands-free remote controlled new, and soon to be new and improved, Driv-e-mocion you can shoot that crazy driver a frown, a smile, a "thanks" or a "back off". That will keep you safe from any harm at all...maybe.

Anyway, it is also soon to be new and improved because the current one mentioned above and pictured above is now out of stock and not being supplied anymore by the manufacturer that was linked to above. They are now developing/making a "new and improved" version. So hopefully the boys over at Hack A Day will get their hands on one and make it so you can put what ever vulgar comment or hand gesture your mind can think of! And with prices starting at $16 (USD), it shouldn't take long.

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