Monday, October 30, 2006

The Ether Thing

I'm back to trying the Ether thing again.

I think i did a post about this before, but i never got any calls from the Ether community. I have changed my listing, an ad about your services offered, a few times and still no calls. In between the times that i have changed my listing there was a long period of several months in which i have completely forgotten about the entire Ether thing. But I'm back on the wagon again.

the first listings i created basically said that i am a jack of all trades when it comes to computers and laptops. but then i heard the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none" and wanted to change it. I didn't want to come off like a phony when i know that i can help others with their computer problems. so the next set of listing were short and to the point and consisted of something about no "beating around the bush" in an attempt to "level" with the community. I wanted to be more straight forward than, what i believed, the rest of the Ether providers were/are.

but still no luck! not one phone call from anyone in need of support. I am extremely capable of helping out with pc/laptop troubles. i have helped friends and family and feel that i have out geeked the Geek Squad. And yet my phone does not ring. So i decided to put a new spin on the whole ether thing. I offer my services for $5 for 10 minutes, then we move the call to remote service mode vie logmein, a free service that lets me poke around on your computer and try to find what might be wrong. the first 10 minutes of the remote service are free and then we can talk price after that. Hell, i can even physically repair your pc for you if you live in the Mt. Laurel/Moorestown are of southern NJ!

i have tested logmein on several of my friend's and families computers with fantastic results. of course, it does work better with any speed internet connection but dial up, but i think i might be safe there since, i feel, that the number of people that still have dial up services is getting smaller and smaller.

so i just though i would let off of you readers know that if you or any of your friends or family members have any trouble with their computers to give me a call. With other companies (comp usa, best buy, circuit city...) charging $60 to just look at your computer, you can't go wrong! If i can fix your computer in 20 minutes (10 through Ether and then 10 free minutes via remote connect) you will have your computer fixed for FIVE FREAKIN DOLLARS! That is just plain bananas! Hit up the Ether button in the side panel if you are interested and I'll talk to ya soon!

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