Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mach 3 vs. Mach 3 Turbo vs. Gillette Fusion

I just moved to a new place and the previous owner got some left over mail. It was a free Gillette Fusion. I decided to take this opportunity to give it a test. If this is some type of illegal breaking into someone's mail or something i would gladly give the previous owner the razor. But, since i don't hear any cops breaking my door down, i think I'll just continue on with my comparison of the razors.

Mach 3:
I first decided to try out razor blades when i started shaving. I dabbled with electric razors, but all i got was an extremely irritated face and neck. Soon after i began to shave the mach 3 came out. I got one free in the mail and thought what the heck, I'll give it a go. I loved it from the very first stroke.

This blade has a built in moisture strip and 3 blades for a nice close shave. it was unlike any other blade i have ever tried before. and since it was free, it was even better (at the time i was living with my parents and they bought all of the blades for me).

Mach 3 Turbo:
When the turbo version of the mach 3 came out I got one as soon as i could. My next shave was the best one ever.

The only difference between the mach 3 and the mach 3 turbo is the space between the 3 blades. With the turbo, the blades are spaced further apart. and with my thick hair it was just great. This one still has the moisture strip and some weird rubber things at the opposite side of the strip and 3 blades in between. Like i said, same as the regular mach 3 only the blades have more room between them for the hair to go.

Gillette Fusion:
With all of the ads going on for all of the fusion stuff, i was a bit disappointed when i tried this one out.

the Gillette Fusion is the same as the mach 3 only with 5 blades instead of 3. After using the mach 3 turbo for years and years, i put down the fusion after the very first stroke.

the problem: the blades have the same spacing as the mach 3, not the mach 3 turbo. granted it was about 3 or 4 days since my last shave when i did test out the fusion, but i shouldn't have to change my shaving habits depending on what razor i have. It was a bit disappointing since the fusion razor has a trimming razor on the reverse side of the blade. perhaps the mach 3 turbo guys will jump on that soon.

Mach 3 turbo for the win. with the spacing in the blades, this razor is the best shave you can get with a razor. And the design is so good that i was using the same blade for about 4 months. I decided to swap out the 4 month old blade for a new one when the moisture strip looked like it was deteriorating.

Suggestion for you (men):
don't take my word for it, try them out for yourself! I have gotten so many razors in the mail for free i started giving them away to other family members. They do this because the real money is made when they sell the blades. Its freakin $16 for 8 blades for crying out loud! I'm not sure if that is the actual price, but i do know it's dam close.

Anyway, free samples are available online:
free fusion
free mach 3
free mach 3 turbo (sorry, i can't find any free sample sites. perhaps one of the other readers can help me out?)

Suggestion for you (women):
you can either hit up the above sites for a free sample or you can hit up the free Gillette Venus site

Suggestion for you (Gillette):
All of the above discussed razors are Gillette products. So, Gillette, keep the good stuff coming. Just keep making "turbo" versions of them all.

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