Thursday, December 28, 2006

Firefox Add-On Of The Day

Today's suggested add-on is the one and only Image Zoom. With this Firefox extension you can use the right-click shortcut menu or mouse gestures to magnify an image a little or a lot or to restore the image to its normal size.

The mouse gestures are what make this add-on particularly interesting. Right-click + left-click to instantly increase the image to a full screen size. Right-click + wheek-click to instantly return the image to its original size. Right-click + wheel-scroll to gradually increase or decrease the size of the image. This add-on is available for all versions of all Mozilla products, so there is no excuse to give this a test run.

Do you have any favorite Mozilla product add-ons? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us what is your favorite add-on. If your add-on is featured in the "Firefox add-on of the day" lineup you will get free links on my sidebar to your blog or site of choice.

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