Friday, January 12, 2007

Firefox Add-On Of The Day...TWOFER!

I figure that since its been about a week since my last Firefox "daily" add-on post that I would lay 2 on you at one time! Hey, I did say it would be somewhat daily.

Ok, #1! Love it and hate it at the same time, its Auto Copy! Yes, with this add-on you will be able to highlight text to effortlessly copy that text to your clipboard. Then click on the mouse wheel button to paste it into another field that your mouse is hovering over. This is really close to the feature that all Linux distributions have, so Linux users rejoice. Thats the love part. Now.. bring on the hate! Say you want to copy something into a field that already has text. How would you normally paste something to replace that text? I'll let you know how in order to help the flow of this post carry on in and orderly fashion. You would highlight the text and then paste over it, essentially replacing what was there with what is on your clipboard. You cannot do this with Auto Copy. If you highlight anything... Let me rephrase that. If you highlight ANYTHING, it copies it to the clipboard. So, needles to say you will have to do a little thinking, as well as trial and error, to get used to this add-on. But I definitely suggest a try of it.

NUMBER 2! Who is this person? No, I'm not asking you a question and that is not a link to some goofy picture of some gay porno dude. Who is this person(?) (witp) is the name of the Firefox add-on that is add-on NUMBER TWO in this crazy twofer! Situation: You putzing around the internet and come across a good article and start reading it. All of a suddon you come accross this name that you have never seen before and the article does a crap job of letting you know about him/her. With witp you will be able to highlight that name and right-click it and go into a new menu for the add-on. In this new menu you will be able to select from a vast array of websites to find out who this person is. Everything from IMDb to good old Google. From the name, it looks like the author may have just wanted to use this for people, but you can actually just search for anything. Just highlight it and choose which search engine you want to use.

Also, accepting suggestions. I can't find all the good ones myself. Feel free to leave your favorites in the comment section below.

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