Friday, January 12, 2007

Download Of The Day: Launchy

With just the click of Alt+Space (or whatever you choose the hot key to be), you can launch any program on your computer by just typing in the name of that program. It is just that simple! And its all possible with Launchy. I've had this little application for a few months now and use it all the time. Have you ever had a game install in the most bizzarr folder structure ever? Most games install in the Programs directory on your C drive, and then get placed into a folder that is titled after the manufacturer of that game. Do you know who makes all of your games? You might, but then, every once in a while, you get an off beat game and are lost to be able to find the program on your C drive. Especially if you opted to not have a quick launch or desktop icon made, either by accident or on purpose.

It is also a very light program that you could never tell is running until you hit the hot key to activate it. Just make sure to check the box for making a shortcut to Launchy on your desktop. Then you can drag and drop the shortcut into your Starup folder in the start menu. This way Launchy will start when Windows starts. You can also change the position of where the Launchy window will pop up as well as change the skin of it to make it a closer match to your desktop theme. The most useful part of this program is its ability to keep index of multiple directories to open different types of files. It is customizable, so you can add or remove directories or file extension types that it can open up.

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Anonymous said...

I use a program called Keybreeze that's like Launchy. I like it better because has A LOT more features and takes up less memory.