Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Firefox Add-Ons Of The Day

No, that is not a typo. My next suggested FF add-on goes great with another one. First on the list is Firefox Extension Backup Extension (FEBE). With FEBE, you are able to export all of your add-ons into one folder. For ease of use, you would put this one folder on your jump drive so that you can take your add-ons with you where ever you go.

FEBE also allows you to preform other backups. You can backup bookmarks, preferences, cookies, entire profiles, user names, passwords, security certificates, search plugins, history, permissions and even themes in addition to the add-ons. You can backup all of them at the same time or pick and choose which you would like to backup, then you can choose what you would like to restore. You can also dump the backups to a specified folder anywhere on your computer. And the final great feature in FEBE is the scheduler. You can choose to backup your items of choice automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule for any time of the day/week/month.

The only problem with FEBE is that each add-on you have backed up is backed up individually. However, if you use FEBE's fantastic companion Compact Library Extension Organizer (CLEO), all of that nonsense will come to an end. Once you have all of your add-ons backed up to a folder, you use CLEO to smush them all into one file that FF can read. This one file will now contain every single one of your add-ons and you just need to double click it in order to install them all onto you PC at work or a friends home, for example. With CLEO, you are also able to select which add-ons that you want to cram into the one file, as well as name that one file whatever you want.

Two thumbs up for both! And, as always, if you have something better please let us all know in the comments below. I am also taking recommendations that way, as well.

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