Monday, January 29, 2007

Kitchen Tech

This is for all of those guys out there, and perhaps some women, that have just too many power tools. It is now time to start converting them into something more useful and multi-purpose. I am, of course, talking about the pepper mill drill attachment.

Sure you could buy one of those battery powered pepper mills where you would also have to buy a large package of AA or AAA batteries to keep them working for a long time. Or, you could just use one of the 3 to 5 electric or battery powered drills you have lying around the house! Ahh yes, memories of Tim, the tool man, Taylor are popping into my head as we speak: This pepper mill needs MORE POWER!

All this little modification needs is two things. Number one: A pepper mill, one with a flat top that needs to be twisted would be more proffered (not the type that has an arm sticking out of it that you crank); Number two: A power drill, one with a keyless chuck would be more proffered. Insert the top of the pepper mill into the drill and adjust the chuck as needed until the pepper mill is sitting nice and snug in the drill. Then all you have to do is aim and shoot next time you are throwing a fancy-smancy dinner party. This modification, however, is not just for fancy dinner parties. This pepper mill drill would be the perfect accessory to anyone's grilling tool belt.

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