Friday, February 02, 2007

Download Of The Day: AllSnap

I use Winamp, different versions of Linux and have come across multiple kinds of AIM clones that are a heck of a lot better then AIM itself. And the way the windows work in all of those programs, they usually have a "snapping" effect when you bring one of the windows close to the edge of your desktop. I have come to like this for some reason and now want it on all of the windows I use in XP. And this is now possible with AllSnap.

With AllSnap, you can adjust the setting of your desktop so that windows can snap to the edges of your desktop, windows can snap to each other and so that windows can snap to the vertical and/or horizontal center of your desktop. You can also make it so that you can lock down your desktop's boundaries so that you can not move any window outside of the viewable area of your desktop. I'm not too keen on some of the settings, but having them set allows you to use the alt key to toggle the settings on and off while moving any windows around. I definitely recommend this one for a test run. It is a very light program that is easy to use and allows for you to have your desktop a bit more tidy.

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