Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Update Time

Sorry about the lack of posts these past couple of weeks. I am now a member of the blog team over at The Download Squad (DLS). They are going to pay me money to blog about software, Firefox add-ons and whatever else that I see fit that needs more attention, so I wanted to save the posts for DLS.

I will keep posting to this site, however. I have started posting over there, but there are some rules that I'm going to have to adjust to get used to. The one rule that I'm have some trouble with is if I have a topic to post about I can't post about it if it has already be posted to DLS in the past. Well, there has to be some dramatic changes to the subject in order to justify the "new" post on the same topic (for example, a new version release of a program). So, long story short, I will be posting about things on this site that are "reruns" on DLS from 2 years ago. But they will be in my own words and based on my own experiences.

The site I'll be moving to, by the way, is, like I said, Download Squad. I took it upon myself to comment frequently on tech blogs that I subscribe to in my reader. Turns out that one of them payed attention a bit more than the others, which lead to them recruiting me. So take that as a lesson: Comment and comment frequently! I made a sort of New Years resolution to make some money off of blogging. I guess it doesn't matter where I am doing the blogging so long as I'm making some extra money doing it. The extra stream of readers as of late has helped, but there is more money to be earned and more software to write about. So...I'm off, but be sure to hold onto this site in your reader, because I will definitely be making more posts here. Just add this one to your reader as well.

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