Sunday, January 23, 2011

APP BATTLE!! HeyTell vs TalkBox

We all know about heytell now, but i recently found out about talkbox; very similar to heytell but with an IM interface. I really liked the different interface on talkbox and gave it run with The Queen of all Ryans; THE ULTIMATE TEST!

The Queen also enjoyed the IM interface and it was right quick to add buddies. In heytell, you have to email or text message your friends to get the app. Talkbox lets you add friends by simply inputting a user-name. The only other way, in talkbox, is to shoot them an email or post to your facebook wall or tweet that you use the app. I do prefer the extra option of sending the text message in heytell.

I was fine with it all and was ready to jump over to talkbox and ditch heytell all together. The final test, however, is if The Queen was going to use it or not. Final judgment!! Heytell WINS!! Flawless victory!! The Queen prefers heytell's HUGE 'Hold and Speak' button over talkbox's very small one that is at the bottom of the screen.

So, at the end of the day, nothing changes for little old me. I also don't have to pester my friends to get a different talk messaging app after they just accepted one so very recently. But i figured that, since both are free, you might like the choice. What will you be using?


TalkBox Team said...

Hi Lord Ryan

Thanks for the comprehensive comparison and we appreciate much your detailed study of TalkBox! Though The Queen didn't choose us at the end, we're indeed flattered.

Just some more information for your reference, we built TalkBox with an international audience in mind so next time when you want to do voice messaging with your friends, I hope we will be the first that comes to your mind because as far as we've tried, there is territorial limitation for similar apps.

Best regards,
TalkBox Team
TalkBox Username: TalkBoxApp

Ryan said...

Any way you guys can make that bottom button a bit bigger in a future build?

BlueBetto said...

I found Heytell first and spread it to all my friends that liked, and after that I found the talkbox.

As you said, I agree with all the interface and about being easier to add friends in talkbox. But still was hard to make my friends change from heytell to talkbox.
Both are good, but I liked that talkbox offered one thing for free, that in heytell you must buy.

The group conversation.
By now. I keep both app in my android and I'll keep testing then

great comparion ;)

Greetings from Brazil